Infant Program

Age: 6 months – 18 months
Room capacity: 10 infants
Teacher/child ratio: 1:3
Program: Full-time only

This unique program is designed to meet infants' needs of space and opportunity to move at their current capabilities; a place that is safe for them to be in, but one that does not restrict free movement and active curiosity; key adults to respond to them promptly, consistently, and warmly, and to interact with them, giving them language, face to face, so they can begin to understand the process of human communication. Combination of daily activities (both indoor and outdoor), age appropriate educational toys, songs, games, positive adult-infant interactions and personalized schedules provide perfect atmosphere for growing, learning, developing and exploring. Program Teachers will work closely with the parents to ensure that each infant's individual needs are met. Daily reports will be prepared on child's naps, meals, diapering and other things the parents need to know.