Every activity is designed to support the development and well-being of your child, is age-appropriate and is based on individual children's needs, abilities and interests.



The mission of Smart Little Children Daycare Centre is to provide high quality child care services in a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for every age level.



To provide stimulating environment and learning programs that support and help children develop to their full potential and become successful life-long learners.


About us

Smart Little Children Daycare Centre is a licensed childcare, which was established in 2009 and is very conveniently located across from Bronte GO Station. The center accommodates 149 children ages 0 – 12, and has 9000 sq ft of indoor and 2,400 sq ft of outdoor space. There are two fenced playgrounds, equipped with play equipment that meets CSA standards. The centre offers programs for Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers, Kindergarteners and School age children. We offer full-time and part-time programs to meet the needs of working parents.

In a supportive and safe environment, where your child feels welcome, safe, and successful, experienced, cared and certified Early Childhood Education Teachers guide children in developing their social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. We provide your child with a natural, nurturing and stimulating setting that allows for learning, exploration, social interactions and lots of play.

Because children learn differently than adults, they need hands-on experiences and well-trained Teachers, warmth and attention, enthusiasm and encouragement. Most of all, they need the joy and challenge of doing different things themselves. That's what helps children learn and grow, and that's what we offer to your child at our child care centre.

A cognitive oriented setting reflects the belief that children learn best in an inclusive and stimulating but ordered environment in which they make choices and act on them. We strive to make the child care experience rewarding and enjoyable for everyone. At Smart Little Children Child Care Center your child will learn, grow, play and succeed!

Professional Staff

Our programs are supported by qualified, experienced, caring and dedicated teachers who strive to maintain the highest standards of quality child care.

Our Philosophy

At Smart Little Children Daycare Centre we believe that each child is a unique individual. Each child's individuality will be recognized and respected.